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Brexit Information for Egencia’s Clients

Brexit Information for Egencia’s Clients

Egencia provides the following information to prepare our clients and their travellers for travel between the U.K. and EU under the Brexit regime.

Last updated: September 27, 2021

Your Service Agreement with Egencia

  • Do we need to sign a new agreement with Egencia?

    No. We do not need to recontract with our clients.

  • Do we need to adjust/amend the terms of our existing agreement with Egencia?

    No. We do not need to adjust or amend the terms of existing agreements with our clients.

  • What about the data protection terms of our agreement with Egencia? Does Brexit affect them?
    • Egencia takes data privacy and security very seriously.
    • U.K. businesses and organisations still need to be compliant with data protection law.
    • There are no changes to the U.K.’s data protection standards. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is retained in domestic law as the “UK GDPR”. The information commissioner remains the U.K.’s independent supervisory authority on data protection.
    • Egencia has already implemented GDPR within its organisation and updated any necessary contractual requirements regarding personal data transfers.
    • If you would like more information about Egencia’s data protection and privacy position in general, please see our client FAQ’s, accessible in English, French and German:
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Please note that the information provided is not a substitute for and does not constitute legal advice.