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Business Travel Reporting: Making Your Data Work


Business travel reporting: making your data work

Actionable insights enable you to optimise your business travel programme and see real results.

Why data drives a better experience

Travel data is the foundation of everything we do at Egencia — from providing it to customers to enhance their travel programme, to using it to guide our decision-making about future product developments and strengthening artificial intelligence. Hear from John Sturino, Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering, to learn more about data and our business travel reporting.

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Reinventing the business travel experience with data and artificial intelligence

The business travel industry makes the most of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to improve service offerings and the traveller experience during a business trip. Download the white paper to learn more about these topics, and how Egencia's own business travel reporting methods drive better outcomes for travellers, travel managers, and their companies.

Build a thriving business travel programme

  • Understand the value of partnering with a travel management company (TMC) that invests in data science and business travel reporting
  • Get access to robust data that delivers insights about your business travel programme and its performance
  • Monitor travel spend, view cost savings and identify opportunities to maximise programme performance through a central source of all your data
  • Get a 30,000-foot view of your transactions, policy compliance and online adoption by air travel, hotel, rail and car
  • Utilise our policy recommendation model which analyses over one billion price points to recommend optimal travel policies for your company
  • Benchmark against companies like yours to understand how your corporate travel management strategies compare and what actions to take

Utilize Egencia’s tools and solutions

  • The Egencia Analytics Studio reporting tool brings data together in a visual workspace, showcasing metrics and intuitive dashboards for savings opportunities, corporate travel policy compliance and more
  • Egencia Savings Finder for hotel delivers the best prices available so you can save money without lifting a finger
  • Egencia Smart Mix for air and hotel uses machine learning to search and sort results to present the most relevant options saving both time and money
  • Enable the Dynamic Hotel Rate Cap policy feature to account for price fluctuations and rest easy knowing travellers are booking an appropriate nightly rate
  • Track the overall carbon impact of your travel programme and find opportunities for improvement in sustainability initiatives

How data can predict traveller well-being

As employees travel more, it’s important for travel managers and companies to understand the effect it has on their teams. Knowing how many flights are taken overnight and during work hours is just one example of judging how they’re feeling. Watch the video to learn how Egencia’s business travel management well-being dashboard brings this information directly to travel managers’ fingertips.

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