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Customer Success Story: bp

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Egencia customer success story: bp

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Global energy company, bp, sought a travel management company that would modernise their business travel programme through technology-driven solutions. Read on to learn how Egencia made it happen.


bp recently set out to reimagine its operating model, governance and culture. The first step was to launch company-wide automation to facilitate better business internally, meaning new supplier partnerships and an investment in technology. One major focus area was their business travel programme.

The company was with their previous travel management company (TMC) for nearly 25 years, but wanted a fresh take on their travel programme and sought a partner that could provide technology-driven solutions to modernise the legacy corporate travel programme. They also needed a provider to build their business travel programme, so that it supported regional nuances in infrastructure and diversity within certain countries where bp operates.


Egencia Global Alliance (EGA) was a major factor in making sure the travel solution worked across the organisation. EGA is a network of partnerships with local travel management companies that provide exceptional travel support and service. Richard Eades, bp global category manager, said, ‘The EGA team was a big differentiator for us. Rather than staying at arm’s length, operating in regional hubs as third parties often do, they acted as part of the Egencia global team and were just as invested. They helped us work through regional challenges, which played a huge role in meeting our risk management goals’.

Egencia’s technology and ease of use for travellers also proved to be a differentiator for the travel experience and duty of care. For travel managers, a complete view of the business travel programme and access to custom dashboards showcasing real-time data was crucial. This enabled the global travel team to make environmentally conscious decisions, and meet safety goals—two important initiatives for the company.


While the Egencia team made certain that the high-risk pieces of implementation were in place, another major undertaking was occurring: preparing to onboard thousands of travellers to the new programme and corporate travel policy, while making sure their business trips ran smoothly in the meantime. Stakeholder engagement and establishing a project management office were critical to success. Egencia and bp worked together to confirm that all needs were met throughout the process. This strong foundation enabled the corporate travel management team to onboard 45 countries to the new technology in 90 days—setting the stage for a mighty partnership going forward.

Curious to learn the full story and about bp’s business travel needs? Read the full case study here.

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